About Difameg Network Nigeria Limited

Difameg Network Nigeria is a growing Information Technology Solution Provider in Nigeria. We provide comprehensive solutions that meets and even exceed client's expectations. Our mission is to create solutions to real life challenges through computer applications.

We seek to achieve this by essentially becoming the IT support department of our client's businesses. Our passion is in building solutions that solve your immediate need better than anyone else can and prepare you for the future with collective insight and experience that no one else has. The solutions we build helps our customers achieve profitable growth, reduce costs and take advantage of new business opportunities.

Our team comprises of database administrators, website application developers, software engineers, graphics designer, instructors, network engineers, etc who are experienced in both their core competences and client relationship management.

Our innovative portfolio of solutions presents limitless opportunities for customers to engage in strategic business planning, increase efficiencies and enhance business operations and processes. Additionally, DIFAMEG offers customers the advantage of carefully designed business applications and services delivered in accordance with their exact business model requirements by using the applicable IT industry standards.

It is our highest priority to ensure that our comprehensive services meet the needs of the entire business value chain. Our highly customizable, state-of-the-art business solutions will create distinctive competency to add significant values for business customers in the new economy.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver solutions that meets true business needs and To provide advanced ICT solutions and consulting services at an affordable cost that enable our clients to create and sustain a competitive advantage.

Our Core Values & Philosophy