Welcome To Difameg Network Nig. Ltd

Welcome on board to Difameg Network Nigeria LTD, the home of information and communication technology solutions. Considering the rate at which new innovations are constantly evolving, computing business no doubt has gone far. At Difameg Network Nigeria, we are very keen at paying rapid attention to the peculiar ICT needs of our clients. It is our desire to effectively satisfy the technological yearnings of our numerous customers using best business practices and ICT solutions.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver solutions that meets true business needs and To provide advanced ICT solutions and consulting services at an affordable cost that enable our clients to create and sustain a competitive advantage.

Software Overview

In our effort towards providing customized softwares, desktop or web-based applications, Difameg Network Nig. Ltd have come up with softwares that will meet the needs of our prospective clients.Below are some of these Software Applications.

EDI PRO School Management System 4.1

EDI Pro is a full-featured web-based Nursery/Primary/Secondary school administration software. It allows schools to easily, and affordably manage student data online. EDI Pro is built from ground up to be a comprehensive and integrated application incorporating such features as: full Student/Teachers Details, Subject details, Online Test Exams, Flexible Attendance Management, Online Assignment, Student Grade Performance, Accounts, Payroll, Online Survey Questions for parents Flexible Student, reports, Internal Mailing system and SMS, Scratch Card Generation and printing ETC..

EDI Pro has been upgraded again to deliver more user requested functionality while retaining its characteristic ease-of-use. It is our goal to remain the most cost-effective, full-featured student management system available to schools anywhere.

When put on use, on a click, the admin or head school can know students that have not paid their fees for the term, students that have paid part, past students, current students, the total intake on a particular year and many more. School Income and Expenditures and the staff Strenght.

The software enables the admin based on search criteria to send mass messages to parents emails, and phones. Meanwhile, you have successfully eliminated the issues of parent complaining not receiving any memo from the school etc...

PS: "Link your school online and enjoy the power of cloud results computing. No other solution have been able to transform school administration like this one"


The Sample below does not represent what is obtainable in the school in view. It is only a demo of what is obtainable with EDI PRO
Student Result Report Details View Student Results Sample Detail
Student Result Report Details 2 View Student Sample Detail
Broad Sheet Students BroadSheet
School Tuition Fees Report View Tuition Fees Sample Detail
School Expenditures Report View Tuition Expenditure Sample Detail

Note: Demo Log in Username : admin | Password: admin | Select Staff

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Difameg E-Learning Software

Gone are the days where classroom instruction is the most valuable form of training – now it is all about how to combine this with e-learning to create a blended model that is more engaging.

With our e-learniing software, students can download there course materials, receive alert on there phones and and emails on when to start exams, write there exams online and view results online.

the software can be integrated into any organisation that is into training and wishes to commence elearning.. In addition, the software enables bulk message sending to both student's email and phone as sms.

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Church Database Management/SMS Portal

the portal captures all the members' record, church branches, Locations, groups. The software is aimed at managing member’s record, weekly collation of attendance reports from all the branches within it parish. With this software, the church management can easily know the attendance records of each of the branches, and in the case of mini conventions, meetings, general, weekly church activities that requires sending messages to each of the branches or groups or all members irrespective of their locations, the admin or church management can search by branch, groups, or all members and send a customized/personalized SMS to both member’s Phone and Email. Within a given period the admin can know the church growth rate etc.

The software tries eliminate the issues of Branch heads coming to the head quarters/regions to submit attendance/General reports as all this will be handled by the software, and complains from members that they didn't receive announcement on a particular church activity or convention as all these will be handled via emails and SMS. The software is Phone compatible, user friendly, and very easy to use.

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