Network And Desktop Support

Technical support at your workstation, in the office, or in the server room is just a phone call away with Difameg IT Support Services. Our technicians can respond to issues remotely or via onsite visits, and we'll resolve technical problems quickly and efficiently. The key benefit of our outsourced IT Support is that you save money by paying for support only when you need it. Our payment and support options will be tailored to your company's specific needs.

Network Troubleshooting

Our comprehensive troubleshooting support will enable your company to focus on its core business while we handle your networking problems as they arise. We're available for both remote and onsite troubleshooting sessions to help keep your staff as productive as possible. With Difameg, work will no longer come to halt when networking and other technical issues crop up.

Network And PC Solutions

No matter the size of their organization, customers are looking for better, more efficient ways to share information within their organization and with outside key suppliers, partners, and clients.

Difameg offers the following network-engineering solutions;

Our engineering team is backed by unlimited support from the industry's leading providers of network solutions. Difameg will work with you through every step of the network engineering process. Whether the project involves a large, medium or small company with one or multiple locations, we can provide solutions that encompass the needs of your entire organization.

Tool And Technologies

Difameg, being a leader in IT Solutions and a partner to numerous international companies including Microsoft and Oracle, has experience and depth in a variety of platforms, languages and technologies including but not limited to the following: